Here is the history of the Strozier-Mack Family

Alfred Strozier married Savannah Ross on April 20, 1890.  They had a total of six children.   

Ø Lula Strozier
Ø Gus Strozier
Ø Leila Strozier
Ø Lizzie Strozier
Ø Alfred Jr.
Ø "Son" Strozier
Lizzie Strozier married a man by the name of Ozzell Mack.  In their marriage, they had 15 children. 

Ø Hattie Mack
Ø Thomas Mack
Ø Alfred Mack
Ø Willie Mack
Ø Zeddie Mack
Ø Rubin Mack
Ø Emma Mae Mack
Ø Gus Mack
Ø Ozzie B. Mack
Ø John Henry Mack
Ø Savannah Mack
Ø Ella Mae Mack
Ø Leila Mack
Ø Lizzie Mack
Ø Frank Mack
Lizzie Strozier Mack passed away on April 20, 1930. Ozzell Mack then married Corin Gatson. They had 2 additional children. 

Ø Rebecca Mack
Ø Timothy Mack
The first Strozier Mack Family Reunion was started by the wife of Thomas Mack, Rose Merry Mack.
The Strozier Mack Family Reunions have been represented in the following locations:

Ø 1979 – Albany, GA 
Ø 1984 – Boynton Beach, FL
Ø 1986 – Pittsburg, PA 
Ø 1988 – Albany, GA 
Ø 1990 – Bristol, CT 
Ø 1992 – Albany, GA
Ø 1994 – Boynton Beach, FL
Ø 1996 – Detroit, MI
Ø 1998 – Jacksonville, FL 
Ø 2000 – Albany, GA 
Ø 2002 – West Palm Beach, FL
Ø 2004 – Atlanta, GA
Ø 2006 – Detroit, MI
Ø 2008 – Philadelphia, PA
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